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Behaviours and patterns amongst individuals are changing drastically. With organizations becoming more aware about psychological changes and importance of behavioural analysis, there are new-age technologies that are now being introduced to simplify the process of hiring. With the advent of AI and machine learning, big data analytics, etc. there has been a sea-change in the process of carrying out assessments as well.

As per a survey carried out by, almost 80% of assessments are done at pre-hire stage, while only a staggering 20% are carried out post-hire and focus of learning and development.

A thorough behavioural assessment is carried out with modern tools and customized software that can be used during-

  • 1. The recruitment process
  • 2. Internally for promotion as well as skill assessment


HR Mind works with global conglomerates and understands the specific details that may be required while hiring an individual or promoting them internally. Our team of experts have designed specific assessments that will give you a comprehensive report about an individual, thereby assisting you in your decision making process.

The different types of assessments that are carried out by HR Mind are-

  • 1. Language assessment
  • 2. Psychometric profiling
  • 3. Communication skills assessment
  • 4. Presentation skills
  • 5. Personality tests
  • 6. Behavioural assessment
  • 7. Interpersonal Skills

These help you, as an organization, to determine the right fit for the right job. HR Mind collaborates with you and presents you with viable solutions to build a successful employee-employer relationship.