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Gearing your manpower for the next level

Automotive OEM’s , Auto Component Manufacturers/Ancillaries

The automotive industry has increased manifold over the past few years. Every country relies on a strong and robust network of transportation services that serve as the backbone of the country. From electric cars to mini-trucks, bikes to super-bikes, there is something in store for everyone in a country today.

With growing demand, the automotive industry is also faced with a lot of new challenges in terms of technology and international standards. The face of this industry has seen a sea-change and to meet this demand, it is imperative that companies hire sound minds to leverage their potential.

Skill sets that worked half a decade ago, are not really the same today. The talent pool has expanded and so has their skill set. They are no longer doing the same mundane jobs, but upgrading their skills to meet employer requirements that make them critical to retain.

HR Mind automotive team is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the growing demands of the automotive sector. We evaluate candidates based on data and parameters set by the industry and your organization, and apply the methodology in recruiting the best in the industry.

Most common demands:

Electric Cars, R&D, Plant Management, Plant Operations, Product Development, Testing, Manufacturing Engineering, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Assembly Operations, Engine Design, NPD, Powertrain, Chassis, Cabin, Interior & Exterior,
Electric Power train, Battery, Engine Application, EV Charging Stations, OEM Sales, Product Marketing, MarCom, ATL, BTL, Marketing Communications, Sales & Services, Spare parts, OE After sales, BD, Business Development, BS VI, Crash, Bus Body, Product Design, Production, Operations,
Maintenance, Quality, SCM, Supply chain management, Procurement, Purchase, Electric Bus, Infotainment, IOT, New Technology.