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“The world is continually driven by FMCG and CD products”

The soaring complexities of the FMCG and CD business are well-known. Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Consumer Durable market has grown exponentially over a period of 20 years. From different products being launched everyday to a vast dealer network, the scale and scope of FMCG and CD sector is only set to increase with every passing year.

The competitive landscape of the FMCG / CD market has transformed drastically, making it a very lucrative career option for many individuals in the industry. From high levels of imports and exports to electronic appliances and household products dominating the market, there is a demand for skilled individuals to handle the pressures that come with the job.

The market is highly fragmented with a strong presence of home-made and unbranded products in the market as well. The FMCG / CD sector continues to faces the dearth of talent with the number of individuals with disposable income increasing every year.

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Most common demands :

Dairy / Food / Beverage / Cosmetic / Food Processing / Furniture / Retail / Fashion

White Goods & consumer Electronics / Electrical appliances / Small appliances

Sales–Channel Sales / Distribution/ Key Accounts/Corporate Sales / Institutional Sales / Industrial Sales

Marketing – Trade Marketing/ Direct Marketing/ Media/ Brand Management/ ATL & BTL

Product development / R&D / Production Management

Supply Chain (SCM) and Procurement / Warehousing/Logistics / Product Design and Planning / Cost Control / QA QC