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“Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he is hired to do.”

HR Mind, a Profiler Group Company, is a global recruitment and resourcing company with focus on Industrial, Ecommerce and Internet, Infrastructure and EPC, Renewable Energy, Automotive, IT, Healthcare, FMCG and CD. With 9 years of industry experience, HR Mind has emerged a global leader in providing top-class recruitment and workforce management strategies.

As per a survey carried out by talentnow.com, approximately three quarters i.e. 72.8% organizations are struggling to find relevant candidates. We assist you in bridging the gap between demand and supply by thorough understanding of your business objectives and future plans.

We’re knowledgeable about making your benefits higher

The search professionals at HR Mind are a competent and committed group of consultants, guided by a strong management panel, working on stringent guidelines and focusing on around the clock service enhancement.Their experiences includes large multinationals and local firms, in a variety of industries including but not limited to financial services, global technology, EPC oil & Gas, consumer products and industrial organizations.

Our solutions span across not only hiring the right candidate for your organization, but also delivering the right fit for the right job. With intensive candidate and job profiling, we ensure that your business scalability is met at all times.

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