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” Creating products through streamlined manufacturing processes”

The manufacturing Industrial remains the top economic driver for all nations globally. The global manufacturing Industrial has seen a tumultuous growth in the past decade with large economies emerging as top players and developing countries emerging as strong contenders. In todays’ changing economy, manufacturing and industrial sector promote innovation and productivity more by creating viable employment opportunities for individuals from all strata of the economy.

As per a report published by McKinsey, the global manufacturing Industrial continues to grow at an exponential rate, contributing to 16% of totally global GDP and 14% of global employment. By 2025, there will be a rise in the global consuming class where a majority of consumption will take place in the developing countries.

To match the growing requirement of the manufacturing and industrial sector, it is imperative that organizations stay abreast with latest technologies and methodologies. This can be invoked and adapted by training the existing employees with the latest skills and hiring the skilled candidates who will transform their business landscape.

HR Mind fully understands the complexities of hiring for todays manufacturing and industrial sector and delivers candidates with various skills and expertise from difference industrial backgrounds. It is no longer only restricted to hiring the technical skill, but hiring the person to fit the organization. We carry out detailed analysis of the candidate before presenting it to the client.

From big data to core manufacturing profile, HR Mind caters to all requirements unfalteringly, keeping your business scalability in purview always.

Transforming your manufacturing hiring landscape with exceptional detail!

Most common demands :

Cement Manufacturer / Chemical Manufacturer / Fertilizer / Machinery / Machine Building / Packaging / Engineering / Automation / Plastic / Fabrication & Assembling / Process Engineering/ QHSE ( EHS ) / Electrical & instrumentation /QA & QC/ Hydraulic Lubricants / Equipment / Assemble line / Big Data / Design engineering / Production Management / Business control / analyst / Maintenance /Inventory management / Material Management / Technological transfer / Health and Safety / Quality / Lean manufacturing / Processes / Training / 5S

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