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“Qualities cannot be hired, but trained”

With the surge in the internet and ecommerce industry, there has been a definite shift in consumer behaviour. As per, the global ecommerce sales is set to reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021. Now, in order to get to that number, there is a huge investment in terms of manpower that will be required as well.

Internet and ecommerce industry specialists will need to have the skills that are research oriented along with a complete hold on data and planning. They will not be typical data analysts, but people with far-sightedness who are really good at crunching numbers. Internet and ecommerce industry is the future and to be able to beat the competitors, one needs to have a strong base of hires.

HR Mind presents a comprehensive strategy that involves you not only hiring the best minds in the industry, but also someone who is the right organizational fit. With detailed profiling that is carried out back-end, the team of experts at HR Mind has the skill and experience to cherry pick the candidate from a pool of potentials.

We help you reach the next level, by building your personnel strength.

Most common demands:

App / Product Management / Design / Analyst / Consumer behaviour / Software engineer / Content operations / Offline and Online Marketing / Digital Marketing / Exports / Import / Risk Analyst / Software Engineers / Data Analyst / Online Advertisement / Architectural and design pattern / E-commerce project manager / Merchandising / Head Category / Video OTT

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