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Today, small companies or big, start-ups or mid-sized organizations, everyone is seriously investing time and bandwidth in third party outsourcing. Over a period of time, there has been an influx in the number of companies availing third party services.

Companies have come to realise a lot of potential in maintaining a 3rd party payroll because it is not only cost-saving, but also less time-consuming. Organizations that maintain an in-house team for payroll and related tasks, such as time / attendance, benefits as well as workforce administration, spend more than 20% of their time carrying out these activities, than companies who invest in 3rd party services.

As per a report published by, the global payroll market is set to grow at CAGR of 4.4% during the period of 2016-2020. This goes to say that more number of companies are beginning to think about investing their energies in exploring the benefits of these services.

HR Mind understands different geographical challenges that companies may face while expanding or setting up new business. As a 3rd party payroll specialist, we carry out in-depth analysis of the current market scenario and present to you the best hiring solutions. This includes-

  • 1. Recruiting excellent talent from Trainee to Senior Leadership positions.
  • 2. Handling the complete payroll for all employees from – appointment letter, salary disbursal, salary slips, salary release, and investment declaration forms to taxation work.
  • 3. Thorough working and understanding of the local laws and taxation.
  • 4. Using latest automation software to personalize your company’s payroll without any technical glitches.


HR Mind takes data security very seriously and understands the concerns you may have as well. Our security experts ensure that all your data is encrypted, providing you with the highest levels of privacy.

You are a foreign company trying to settle and don’t want to handle the hassle that is the payroll management ? Contact us ! At HR Mind, We Make it Happen!

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