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Recruitment has undergone a tumultuous change in the past two decades. With new practices and tools, techniques and means, the way of sourcing and recruiting talent across levels has become a challenge. There was a time when people used to physically leave their resume at the reception of a company for a personal consideration. However, with the advent of technology, the level of hiring has changed and so has the mode of accepting profiles.

HR Mind is well-aware of the stiff competition faced by clients in the market as every company is vying for the top employee to fill their precious positions. However, this is a task that is not an easy one to tackle.

With an experienced team of professionals based at different geographical locations, HR Mind capitalizes on local and global talent pool to fill in the most crucial positions i.e. the Middle level positions.

They form the intermediate bone of any organization. These may range from Managers to Deputy Managers or Heads of Departments across industries, there is a definite fight to get the right talent to fit the right shoes. With nearly 40% requisitions in an organization comprising of mid-level positions, we ensure that every candidate presented is meaningful and apt.

We profile every candidate as per company objectives and organizational goals and present a detailed candidate analysis before proceeding with the next level of hiring. Every detail is scanned by our team before presenting the cherry-picked candidate to you for selection.

Our in-depth understanding of the position helps to fill critical middle level positions across industries whether it is FMCG or Renewable Energy, Engineering or Manufacturing, IT or Automotive, etc.

Scouting for excellent talent for you!

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