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Permanent Senior level

Leaders shape the path and future of any organization. Having excellent leaders is not only an asset, but also an extremely critical resource. Senior level positions form the umbrella for every organization and it is required that companies make judicious and informed decisions while hiring individuals with skills befitting the job.

At this level, it is not the technical skill but people management and vision along with innovation that makes all the difference. Finding candidates that form the covering for an organization is a cumbersome task. HR Mind completely understands the challenges that corporates face with Senior level positions, and provides you with concise solutions to manage them. There are approximately 25% Senior level positions across industries today. To fill each of these positions, at any point of time, is not an overnight task.

From hiring EVPs to COO’s across industry, senior team leaders at HR Mind carry out detailed analysis that assist you to fill those precious boots. We understand the responsibilities that come with senior positions and hence keeping this in mind, we draw up a complete candidate report before proceeding to the next level.

We utilize the newest and most sophisticated methods of scouting candidates that would fit senior positions in your organization.

As Peter Drucker Says- Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.

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