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“Think future. Think renewable”

Global energy consumption has increased tremendously over the past few decades. This has contributed to countries and companies utilising new and innovative methods of creating energy that is sustainable and efficient. Renewable energy industry has seen a surge over a period of time with more countries moving towards utilising the best nature has to offer.

Whether it is wind, sun, tides, geothermal heat, rain or waves, one can now create energy from everything by applying the right methodology and technicalities. Renewable energy provides energy in four important areas namely- water and air cooling or heating, electricity generation, rural energy services as well as transportation.

Globally, there are over 7.7 million jobs associated with renewable energy sector today. HR Mind understands the unique hiring challenges of this sector and evaluates candidates profiles, globally and locally, on various parameters that befit your organization. As projects move from design to construction stage to O&M, the skill sets change and the demand for local talent increases for such projects.

We have a firm understanding of your work requirements and match the type of work to the skill require perfectly.

Most common demands:

Asset Management / Design / Construction / Wind turbine technician / Project developer / M&A / Project Finance / Procurement / Investment / Health and Safety / Environmental Studies / Cartography / Blade technician / Sale & Marketing / O&M / IPP / Contract management

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