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Nowadays start-ups are taking up a majority of the space in different sectors of the economy. Right from digital to ecommerce, internet amongst others, the market landscape is drastically shifting due to the indigenous and innovative ways to boost the economy further. As per a study carried out by, India is the third largest start-up ecosystem in the world with 2017 closing at a record $13.7 billion being invested into the Indian start-up ecosystem across 820 deals.

With a tremendous scope for start-ups, employing the right people to embrace the challenge and grow this ecosystem is a challenge. HR Mind helps you to make your start-up dream, into a reality! With industry experts as part of the core team and a global market knowledge, we have the right tools to assist you in growing your company and making it a success.

The right ingredients not only comprise of the right set of talent, but also a great amount of initiative being fuelled into Human Capital Management. As a young and modern company, we understand the different phases of development, sudden changes in the activity that require flexibility in Manpower and specific requirements.

This is the reason we are proud to be your recruitment partner of choice!

We are constantly looking for atypical personalities that will shape the business as per the market requirement and grow the business to the next level. With extra commitment, passion, dedication, willingness to grow fast as a professional and honesty, HR Mind works with you to make your start-up journey smoother.

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